Sunday, 28 February 2016

Objective Of This Blog

The main reason for the creation of this blog is to share my experience exploring George Town and working in pairs with my partner Shafiq. We were required to choose a topic as an icon to make a fridge magnet and conduct a background research about the history of the topic that we have chosen.

Before we went to George Town, we had a short discussion in the Hamzah Sendut Library of Universiti Sains Malaysia. Our discussion was about the topic that we are going to concentrate when we arrive there. Since both of us have never been there, we faced some problems in deciding on the final topic. Initially, I suggested doing a research about food but my partner said that we could face difficulty to do a research about that topic because of the time frame and lack of knowledge about George Town. While discussing in the library, we came across a George Town tourist map on the internet. The map stated a few types of buildings that are located all around George Town. Two types of buildings stated in the map attract our attention which include the Gallery and Mosque.

Cultural Mapping